Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Exit plan

Still working on some of the last-minute touches on the office space. I considered making it Lanie's room at one point, but in an effort to keep things moving along, Shane and I agreed to make it an office.

I stood in the doorway of that room today. Lanie joined me.

"I'm rather liking this color," I remarked. Splendor--the eggshell makes a big difference.

She liked it too.

"I don't think my room would have made a good office," she said. (I agree; it's much better suited for a bedroom.) She continued, "Once I move out though, you can do whatever you want with it."

"OH MY GOSH." I stated. I picked up my eyes off the floor. Then I had to lift my jaw back into place. "I can't believe you're thinking that far away!"

Which, really, isn't that far. Not when she was born, like, yesterday. I blinked, and she's nearly twelve.

I walked away in an effort to think happy thoughts. Like Erin and the smiling puppy.

Or the love note Erin left on my bed this morning.

People: slow down.

Monday, July 28, 2014

One thousand gifts and still counting (5827-5865)

a lunch at a bestie's house

a sleepover for Lanie
an evening just Mommy and Erin (for Checkers and reading and nail painting and cuddling)
a good night's sleep

for hugs from Lanie
and Your amazing work in her heart
a fun week at VBS
those old roads
food in the fridge

safety in the storm
running into Reggie at the store
big sky
blackberry cheesecake bars in the fridge
a cleaned house

an impromptu swim with friends on Friday
dinner with Linda
an opportunity to pray for her
an invitation to a birthday brunch for David
southbound geese in V formation

66 Books
the beautiful things here
an office space for Shane
his words of encouragement in an empty room

the man You're transforming him to be
Beowulf on Playaway

thoughts from Pretty Woman
a basket for blankets
hearts in the margins

a rug for the laundry room
pictures on walls
Cindy's hearts in the comments
his mom's safety after falling
tomatoes growing on our plants

pruning shears found (after a year+!)
a fun day with friends for Lanie
puppy kisses from a cutie named Coconut

scoops on a Saturday night
those clouds in that sky

Sunday, July 27, 2014

In my heart

We finally got the desk out of the garage and into its own space. We converted an extra room into an office. Shane hung up the curtain rod in the room today. Then I had him hang a painting over our dresser in the bedroom. This prompted wanting a change in the location of the armoire. And suddenly I'm knee deep in file cabinet papers, old photos, children's artwork and cards.

I found our wedding announcement. I found lots of fun pictures of us when we were so much younger. I found the card our real estate agent had given us, wishing us happiness here. I found the original brochure for this place. I found a love letter Shane had written me when we were dating. 

"I was just upstairs reading that love letter you wrote me," I said to Shane.

"Where did you put it?" he asked. I don't imagine he'd really expect me to incriminate him with anything in it, but he seemed to consider taking it into his own hands.

"In my heart," I said. And I gave him a ginormous hug, and an even bigger smooch. I think he's more handsome than when we met.

Spending the next five weeks getting this house in order. I know, we've lived here three years and I still have boxes I never unpacked! I'm also seven years behind in scrapbooking.

Monday is the start of lesson planning, medieval literature and history. I'll be back to early rising to work on lesson planning so that I still have plenty of time for my kids. Good thing I stocked up on coffee.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

At the table

Over coffee this morning, recapping and catching up with Shane.

A great night visiting with Linda; deeper talks on numbering days, of hope in hopeless situations, and she asked me to pray (how she sees faith). Her wish-list to-do in retirement.

Thoughts on seventeen years--so multifaceted.

Talking about activity and a sedentary life. Evening walks ...


Lanie and I went for a walk last night along a nearby street. We looked at landscaping (ok, I probably did more than she did), enjoyed the summer fragrance, strained necks at tall pines. She held my hand, and won't I always treasure these moments?

One house was aglow with warmth and an older couple opened doors in parting to a chatty pack of children and their parents loading them up into minivans. (I later told Shane, "I want that to be our house--Friday night dinners with our kids and grandkids and love pouring right out like that." While I felt sad my kids have never known that kind of experience with cousins and grandparents, I am encouraged that it will change with us.)

We were walking back home and I looked up in the sky just as a flying-v formation of geese passed overhead. They honked their goodbye to summer and pressed on. "You're going the wrong way! It's not even August!" I said. I looked at Lanie, "Do you think they know something we don't know?"


We sat at the table this morning over coffee and I told him how I'd have to read Table Life at least ten times to get its full depth. Page after page, I see things in a new and beautiful way, packed with meaning (and love!).

"I put little hearts next to the paragraphs I really love," I said. I usually underline, and I didn't want to underline in this book because it would look too academic. The hearts fit better with hospitality.

"You know, I don't think I would EVER put hearts next to things I was reading," he said to me.

Insert my too-loud laughing.

"It never would enter my mind to draw a heart," he continued. "Not even a hammer."

The things he would never do ... we talked about this the other day ...

"I was at Home Goods looking at baskets," I started. "Something tells me if you went to Home Goods it would never occur to you to look at baskets."

"You're right. I'd walk right past them," he said.

That day I couldn't decide on what I wanted and went back yesterday while the kids were at their last day of VBS. The basket I was looking at was gone, but there was another one there I liked even better. (Isn't that always the case at Home Goods? Every time I go there's something even better. Which is why I won't be going for a while now.) So this time I got it. I carried it out to the car and a woman nearby called out, "I like your basket!"

I smiled and thanked her.

It's a girl thing.