Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fashion statement

Someone posted about it online and I was curious. Looked it up. Mused aloud to Shane about it.

"That's a good idea," he said.

It's a service for people who might not like to shop, or have limited fashion sense (hand up), or just like getting stuff in the mail (me too!) where a stylist shops for you based on your budget and preferences, sends items to your house on a personalized schedule (or just as requested) and you can send it all back if you don't like any of it. Or you just pay for the things you keep--I think you get five items, a mix of outfit/accessory/outerwear.

I am a miserable shopper sometimes. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I find things I like, but sometimes I don't. My closet? Grays, browns, whites and blacks. I will wear a pair of jeans out before I buy another pair. And if my favorite cut of shirt is on sale (and only on sale), I buy a few of them (and double the gray order). And then I wear those out too.

But a stylist? On a single income? How could this be?

Shane kinda gave me the nod to try it out. (At least, that's how I interpreted it.) I get my first order early December (I opted for quarterly delivery--and I'm not obligated to keep a thing or stay on that schedule).

"What style did you pick?" he asked, when I told him I'll get my first delivery soon.

"Casual Chic," I said, laughing a little. Me ... style ... because "Woods" wasn't a category. "I asked them not to send me anything frumpy."

This morning I got up, came down to make his lunch.

"Look, I drew you a heart," I said, pointing to the mustard. He had noticed some time ago that I stopped making hearts.

He laughed and commented on how it looked broken.

I went into the living room to get his old fleece jacket that I confiscated when we moved here.

"It feels (chilly)," I mentioned, putting it on, also remarking on how I know how much he loves this look from last year. And the year before.

"Wouldn't it be funny if they sent you an oversized gray fleece jacket?" he suggested.

I would have woken the kids up with my laugh if I didn't stifle it. He cracks me up.

(Side note: I met Shane in November 1995 when we had our first date. I love him.)

Monday, November 23, 2015

And still counting (7869-7920)

fog and drizzle
the chimney sweepers

knee high boots
my students' smiles
skate night with a friend
how Erin dances while she skates
80s music

rotisserie chicken
packages in the mail
a tart pan
cans of pumpkin in the pantry
snowflakes by mail

shopping by blanket at home
my waggy dog
God's strength
prayer texts from a friend
coffee with Jen

how her hugs are bear hugs
the giant rainbow
this was a STUNNER

turtle neck sweaters
my favorite cashier at Wegmans

white chocolate raspberry ice cream
homemade chocolate chip cookies
seasonal music on the piano
a coffee date with Becky, sans coffee
her heart and support

jingle bell pens
the smell of clean laundry
books in the mail
peace in difficulty

a fire
heat so hot
a hug from Becky P
camera 2

baptism services

Erica G next to me
play dates (code for visits with mom friends) on the calendar
friends who reach out
Nora's encouraging words
Marshall's mom on the phone

a Monday half day (for us!)
home with kiddos
cloudy skies
a turkey in the fridge

wine in the wine fridge
candy canes
wool socks
her safety

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Thursday, November 19, 2015


Holidays around the corner. The kids are thinking of Christmas and decorating. We usually put our tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving.

"I don't want to put my ballerina ornament up this year," Lanie said. It's a beautiful glass ornament she picked out years ago. "I'm worried (a little friend) will run around and it will get broken."

"It won't get broken," I said. "(That little friend) isn't little anymore and doesn't run around the house. It will be ok."

She's thinking of years past and remembers the running. I'm thinking of her words over something that's special to her getting broken--a concern so great, she doesn't even want to take it out and display it for what it was made to do--this fragile object for beauty and joy.

The life implications aren't lost on me. I think of all the times I wanted to hide my heart because it felt fragile and people can be reckless even when they don't mean to be. Times I wanted to not take it out, not let it be seen, but keep it tucked away.

People can be really reckless with others. That kind of treatment knows no age limits or other boundaries. No one is immune to it in friendships, families, churches or other communities.

I read a book over the summer about friendship, and there was a part in it that read friendship is like putting your heart in someone's hands saying, "Here, I trust you with this."

I've held my heart out before, whether to have it rejected or dropped, made fun of or wounded with words. And there was a season I just wanted to hold it close to myself, not take it out to display it for what it was made--to love others.

But it's different now. The hurt of former friendships won't make me hide it away. It's stronger now, this heart. And while still capable of being wounded, I won't hide it away for a season. I hold it out and I hold it high. I don't hold it out to be abused, but I hold it out to be used by a good God who knows what he's doing.

On, on.

Monday, November 16, 2015

And still counting (7826-7868)

the wiggly-fingered wave from the truck driver as he rounded the bend
his smile that lit my smile, and how his grew even brighter
a frosty morning spread out as far as we could see
seat heaters
pumpkin muffins to gift away

prayers for words for Erin, that she would love language
crazy pants that make me dance
a waggy dog
joy in the Lord
trucks parked along the side of the road, hunters

life in the woods
friends who follow through
hugs in the hallway at co op
a family of deer grazing in the field
a song in my heart

encouragement by email from a friend I've never met
a drizzly day
getting it done
the hot pinks of a sunrise through the trees (stunner!)

a night drive with Erin and her animated conversation
pancakes and maple syrup
her hug in the lunchroom
her lesson in the best of
hugs from Becky P

encouragement from Nora
a Friday chat with Julie
skate night with Christy's family
leftover fries for my eggs
a really good gf chocolate chip cookie recipe

a meaningful talk with Lanie
and our new study that started Sunday
things to think on from Nicole
muffins in the oven
fuzzy socks

manuka honey
the vive in La France
a first fire

Cam 4