Thursday, March 26, 2015

The 'all about me'

She did these projects in first and second grades (though we did a similar project in kindergarten too, more in a show-and-tell kind of way with favorite books and likes. Hint, my bag of examples had coffee and M&M's.) We were packing up stuff to bring home from school at the end of the day, and she had her posters.

I looked at first grade. The photos I'd taken of her, her hands outlined, a list of likes. It was all about her and all about here and all about now: swimming, a dog, new friends, us, this place. Her sweet handwriting as captions to images--this is my dog; I am six; my best friend.

The poster she did this year was much more visual and a lot less wordy. The pictures she used? She took them all herself. Her poster adorned with colorful marker and ribbons. Pictures sticking out around the perimeter like quills. (Had I known that shot she took of me would be displayed for class and congregation, I might have brushed my hair and put on some make up for it.)

I love the first grade poster because it's a snapshot of that time.

I love the second grade poster because it truly is all about her.

I have no idea why this image loaded sideways.

Monday, March 23, 2015

And still counting (6765-6796)

a snowfall on the first day of spring (possibly the prettiest snow yet)
hot coffee
this year's reading plan through the Bible
the things I'm learning because of it
warm days

Shane in blankets watching TV
a chance to meet a friend's good neighbor
butternut bisque
lunch with Doris
her friendship

a blender, gifted
the hum of the heater
a fox in snow
the sound of laundry dropping down the chute
weekly dates with Nora

a chat with Karen on the school room couch
Erica picking up cookies and staying for lunch
Christy watching my kids so I could get a hair cut
the very awesome scalp massage
color I didn't have to do myself (what a treat)

this old, cold house
texts with Anita
a friends sleepover for Lanie and Erin
camera 2

a knitting hour with Dad and Linda
a yes to Good Friday dinner
seats for nine at an Easter service

these years on 66 Books

Friday, March 20, 2015


I watched snow fall on the first day of spring today, did crazy amounts of laundry and cleaning, felt overwhelmed by a workload of sorts and errands and plans and dinner. Somewhere in the mix, I cleaned toilets and scrubbed tubs and talked to a friend as she remembered her father, and later another as we made plans for pictures. It was nice to take a break and skate with friends this afternoon. And it was awesome to see my kids holding hands with their friends around the rink. This Friday night has now become a night off with leftovers--and an extra glass of wine.

I'm so glad it's Friday.

Monday, March 16, 2015

And still counting (6744-6764)

the start of a fourth quarter at school
garden beds on thaw

Linda at the table
a treat to the movies with friends
We saw Cinderella this weekend

oranges in the fridge

book reads with Erin
a mouse mansion she wants to build
cardboard boxes
and paint
German coffee

running into Lisa at her church
excellent messages (one on shame and transparency, another on children and forgiveness)
double weekend services
running into friends on Thursday
coffee and great conversation with Karen (S)

tulips in a vase
foggy days

an old cat
Lanie is totally her person