Monday, May 25, 2015

And still counting (7058-7087)

white chip chocolate cookies
laundry--cleaned, folded, put away
the girls' help

cold water
lemon water
the yummy coconut milkshake drink
good workouts
weeding in the garden

vegetable plants growing
beautiful blossoming baskets of flowers
buttercups carpeting the field
night owls
good reads

timely messages
answered prayers
decisions and new paths
my dad's knit blankets on chilly days
how good Shane's hugs feel

Jiliann at our table three days in a row
sunlight reaching and rippling through the tree leaves in the garden
local wine
last papers to grade
love stories

mulch to spread
sore legs
good sleep
camera 2

laser tag for Lanie and Jiliann
a leisurely talk with a friend

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Saturday dog bone skittering dance ... I came downstairs just as Shane was throwing the bone into the yard for the dog. Holiday weekend, laid out long. Sunshine.


Lanie had a friend sleep over two nights. The first afternoon, Jiliann said, "It's only 2:40? We still have fifty hours together!" And I smiled at how they make the most of the time they have.


Good workouts all week. But I did bake white chip chocolate cookies for the kids yesterday when Viviana couldn't make a play date and Erin was heart broken. I let her lick a mixer. And I joined her outside with one of my own. And then we all had two cookies each. Yeah. Totally worth it. They taste like pudding.


Finished the Hunger Games books last night. Snuck in a book Lanie recommended the other night too (A Face First by Cummings). A few lined up for my own enjoyment, and Gilgamesh waiting on the school room table, reminding me that September isn't far away. 


My friend Nora introduced me to a yummy drink:

1 cup coconut milk
2 T peanut butter
1 T cocoa powder
1 banana
some ice cubes

It was my breakfast and lunch the other day. Yummy. I froze the banana and used canned light coconut milk. Thanks, Nora!


The trees are lush and full again. The captain's bell rings out. I hear the summer laughter of kids scootering and biking in the yard. Evening walks holding hands with Lanie. The simple satisfaction of dirt under my nails. Birdsong and blossoms. And knowing soon, the black raspberries will be ripe and ready for little hands (and big hands too) to pluck.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Taking back the home

Our first Monday home, I slept in till seven. How delightful! I had two cups of coffee, and planned out what needed to be done.

Five loads of laundry, clean bathrooms, change bed linens, sweep floors and vacuum, clean off counter tops, remove last year's school books from the shelves and get ready for the next load, finish up grading papers, calculate grades, purge papers we aren't saving.

Not all of this got done, but we made a big dent in it. I started a summer chart for the girls. They still have their regular chores (trash, feeding pets, dishwasher), but now they earn t.v. time by keeping rooms clean and helping with laundry, and they earn other screen time with small jobs like watering new plants, sweeping the walkway and patio, vacuuming rooms, etc.

Lanie loves lists and plowed through hers immediately. She likes the sense of accomplishment. Erin procrastinated and then it was hot and the patio was too hot for her feet and the air was too hot for work. So I helped her out and she earned some time. Some of the tasks she liked, just not ones that made her sweat.

Erin is working through math this summer and we are memorizing states and capitals as a family. Lanie said to me Sunday night, "I can't wait to go to bed tonight because I know I don't have to get up early on Monday!"

And I didn't feel so bad that I stayed up late reading a book I wanted to read.

I'm glad to be taking back my home that a school year bumped to the back burner. And glad to have helper kiddos so that it doesn't all fall on my shoulders.

Got a text from a friend who is finished with her co-op too.

"Play date this week?"


Not scheduling much of anything else because I really want my house back first.

And still counting (7027-7057)

a waffle cook off
the Chanticleer
Julius Caesar in a history read aloud with Erin
knowing there is a story within a story

a great skit
a graduation to host
sunny skies
marigolds gifted from Sandy
that mama's tears

paths that crossed
an impression from a Bible reading that wouldn't let go of me
the prompt to pray for open eyes
and how you showed me the story within the story
her repentant heart and tears

coffee in the afternoon with moms from co-op
an evening getaway with Julie and Judah
his sweet smiles
a field trip to the planetarium
and the cat nap under stars

Teena's flexibility this weekend
the video sermon on the importance of choosing friends wisely
Lanie next to me during worship
and all the songs about vision and open eyes
that you speak to me in ways I recognize

bowling with my man and kids
a birthday dinner to celebrate him--Burnin' Love style
a visit with David
how he kissed me goodbye
and wouldn't let go of my hand

the green season
and summer stretched out before us