Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Watching the winter mix

Hot coffee. Hot fires. Hot pancakes. Snow in the forecast. Happy to be home.

For whatever reason, finding it hard to believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving. A friend called early this morning to wish us well and we talked recipes and past holidays.

Another knitting project in the works (a scarf for Lanie). A good book to finish (The Poem of the Cid). Leftovers in the fridge to finish off means no cooking for me today. Except for the pancakes this morning. (Erin next to me by the fire and I wondered out loud, "I wonder if I should make pancakes for breakfast. What do you think?" And she said, "I think you should.")

Excited for Denise to join us at the table tomorrow. Thankful to host Thanksgiving this year.

Watching rain mix with an occasional big, fat snowflake. Then turning over more to snow.

"Oh no, it's snowing," from Lanie.

I don't mind. It's all beautiful in the woods.

Monday, November 24, 2014

One thousand gifts and still counting (6256-6285)

grades completed
one quarter down
ancient on the horizon
medieval love
the help of community on a daughter's sick day

Sage and Lily keeping company so I could teach
talks with Lanie by a fire
her sweet tears to catch
never being alone
skate day

laundry finished
a turkey in the fridge
a focus to run my race
knitting with Fernanda
her words that hit home

reinforcement and reminder: nothing is impossible for God
a song at worship that I'd been singing all week
a scarf for Jennifer
hot coffee
one blue and one orange--friendship mugs of tea with Nicole

nearly a hundred geese honking in a southbound flight
little birds lined up on the wire
sunrise through the woods
the luxurious heat from the woodstove
a cupcake shirt on a friend's little girl

those new stomps
Christmas music played by Lanie and Erin on the piano
Fernanda asking if I'd photograph her family
talking to Denise on the phone
truck beds loaded down with netted Christmas trees

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Knit together

My friend is from Brazil. Her English is punctuated with enthusiasm and expression. She makes me think of peppermint.

Our daughters are in the same class and have become sweet friends too.

One day I noticed Fernanda making a scarf with the biggest knitting needles I'd ever seen. I might have commented that I wanted to learn to knit.

My dad taught me to crochet the only pattern I know (granny square) when I was in ninth or tenth grade. I remember watching Christmas movies in winter, crocheting big squares to become blankets. My dad knits too, and I asked him if he'd teach me and the girls how. Linda later spoke up that she could teach us, though time goes by and sometimes things don't happen.

Fernanda said she'd teach me. I brought a ball of yarn to the skating rink and sat next to her. I'm not one for reading the manual. And even watching video can get a bit lost on me. But there's nothing like having someone bring hands and heart to the scene--that's where learning takes place.

"You just watch because I don't know all the words," she said.

She got me started on a scarf, and we sat there for a good hour knitting. She watched me get a first row done and we chatted about things. She hosts a small group and invited us to be part of it.

"My house isn't fancy," she said. "But I bring my heart to what I do."

I would have cried in a less public space. We speak the same language after all.

Monday, November 17, 2014

One thousand gifts and still counting (6232-6255)

better days
wood stove inserts
homemade firestarters
gifted candles

hot tea with Laurel
snow flurries
food in the fridge
hot fires
beautiful sunrises through the woods

Friday playdate at Kellie's
hugs with Jennifer
Christy--a bestest friend
casual talks with Katie
pink yard gloves

coffee in the morning
thick wool socks
warm boots waiting in my size on a bench
home, sweet home
lunch with Linda

piano music in the house
how Erin frolics instead of walks
her bare feet on cold days
two little braids
cream pie